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Excellence in Education:

I don’t have all the answers at this time; but, as a concerned parent just like you, our primary focus needs to return to educational achievement so our students will thrive academically. One national school rating service has HSE Schools ranked 17th and not having broken into the “top ten” of Indiana schools for ten years.  We must return our ranking to the Top in the State while enriching our students’ minds and lives so that academic excellence leads them to great options and choices in their years after graduation…

As a new School Board Member, I will be a vocal advocate for academic excellence.

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Priority Focused and Data Driven:.

As an involved parent, coach, substitute teacher, business woman, and citizen, I have extensive experience in helping groups navigate road blocks and challenges to reaching priorities and goals. With the continued collection of data at HSE and neighboring districts, the new analysis tools provide endless opportunities for improvement…

As a new Board Member, I will work diligently to prioritize the changes needed to give our children the greatest opportunity for success.

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Consistency In Communication

It is important to have consistency in communication. Our board needs to make strategic decisions that incorporates the visions and input from our parents, students, and teachers. Be mindful and clear in holding administration accountable while protecting privacy and fairness in relaying communication to parents and community…

As a new Board Member, I will be a strong voice for adhering to professionally gathered, broad-based recommendations from our Teacher, Parent, and Student constituencies. I will thoroughly research and discuss all agenda items with fellow Board Members prior to meetings, respecting Indiana’s Open Door Laws.

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Launch Purdue Polytechnic:

As my fourth child prepared to enter highschool, we were very excited about the Purdue Polytechnic Program for him and our school district.  Teachers and parents spent hours together preparing for this opportunity. This exceptional Student-Focused, STEAM-Curriculum is a great choice for many of our students. This venture provides skills and tools students need to excel not only in the classroom, but beyond high school. The Purdue Polytechnic Program was cancelled abruptly. As the community and school board has recognized the need for a technical trades program, it is imperative to implement…

As a new Board Member, I intend to find out details of the cancellation and follow through with this priority to implement this beneficial program with a cost budgeted plan for our students.

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