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Facts About Suzanne

  • Graduate from BSU ’91 Exercise Science and Physiology
  • Realtor 22 years Carpenter Realtors
  • Mother of four Children
  • 3 boys and 1 girl …  Dakota 26y HSE ’16, Colton 22y FHS ’13, Cassidy 20y HSE ’18, Canyon 14y Freshman HSE
  • Substitute Teacher K-12 HSE schools, nine years
  • Many years with PTO all level of schools
  • Room Parent Coordinator four years
  • Volunteer Concessions throughout the years
  • Coached 4th – 8th grade boys basketball for six years
  • Coached 1st – 6th grade boys football for six years
  • Announcer for Lacrosse at FHS and HSE, eight years.
  • Announcer for HSE Lacrosse State Champ team 2018
  • FHS Gridiron Club and HSE Touchdown Club Committees
  • Assisted with DECA, Drama, Theater and Choir as a volunteer for schools through the years
  • Religious Education Teacher Holy Spirit at Geist Church 2003-2007
  • Parishioner at Holy Spirit at Geist Church
  • Married 23 years to Darren Thomas, deceased April 2015

Activities and Interests

Loves to spend time with family, attend school sporting events, plays/musicals/choir performances, playing cards, enjoys travel, eating at new and original places, local concerts,  biking, swimming in her pool and walking her three dogs (Max, 11.5 yr. golden retriever; Maui and Stitch 3 yr. old mini goldendoodles),

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